Welcome to our site. We're Scott and Kimberly – The Bourgeoisie Refugees.
Since 2005 we've been fleeing corporate oppression and pondering the meaning of escapism.
Please join us as we abandon old ways of thinking in search of a more connected and sustainable way of life.

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April Fool's Day 2005 was the day we changed our lives forever. It was our last day of identifying ourselves by our careers as a mechanical engineer and an advertising rep. Our plan was to sell everything, move onto a sailboat and see where we could make it in 5 years. 621 Mondays & Counting, we're still “Out Here” and we'd like to share some stories about how we cleared the last hurdles and left the rat race behind. Subscribe now to get your free copy. This is a 32 page PDF of some of our favorite stories that we hope will inspire you.


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