Thanks for visiting our site.  We have been going through old logs and our old webpage finding new stories and lots of photos that we have never shared.  The blogs are a mix of new as well as older adventures. Hope you enjoy. 

Cheers, Kimberly & Scott


Sailboat Refit - Dreams vs Reality - Too Many Fumes
Building the Joy Machine - A Dream Becomes Reality
Episode 4 - Something's Missing -- Island Life and Boat Tour
Ep 3 - Something's Brewing - A Sneak Peak at Insanity
Ep 2 -- Just Go -- A Tribute to Sailing Heroes
In Episode 2 we pay tribute to sailing heroes that encouraged us and helped us bring our fantasy to life. The stories of Lin and Larry Pardey and Hal and Margaret Roth brought us inspiration and gave us insight on the practicalities of living and traveling on a sailboat.
Uncaged - Bought A Sailboat And Left The Rat Race
We travel back in time to “The Field of Dreams” where we started our adventure in the direct path of Hurricane Wilma. We had just sold everything in Michigan and were ready to close on our sailboat in Florida when we realized that Wilma, the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin, was headed straight for the boat yard.
We Had A Plan...
Over the past year we have taken on more projects than we can honestly handle, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have always stayed pretty low key and avoided social media and even our old webpage was more for family and close friends, but we are trying to break out of our cage.
Bigger Isn't Always Better... .. .
One of the features that I loved about our boat when we purchased it is the 6 ft long salon table. I imagined having guests over for drinks and dinner in remote anchorages and having plenty of room to spread out
Danger In Paradise - Part 2
In Part 1 of the story we were leaving Vivarillos en route to Cayo Becerro. The reefs in this area are magical and we were hoping to spend some time here since we were able to fill up our water tanks from all of the rain we had.
A Place To Put Your Things... .. .
Everyone always told us to just go. You can work on projects underway. Cruising is just fixing your boat in exotic places.
Danger In Paradise
Following are our journal entries from the time we spent in the magical Vivarillos and Cayo Becerro off the coast of Honduras. We stopped at these isolated reefs on our passage from the Quita Sueno Banks off of Nicaragua to Guanaja, Honduras. Grab your drink and kick back to enjoy.
Escape From Panama
After spending two years in Panama and Colombia we thought it was time to move on. We had met some wonderful people along the way and the water exploration was phenomenal, but we were ready for a change.
Recyclers of Dreams
Kim and I have combed through a lot of wreckage in our time. We've found wrecks washed up on beaches and discovered them tangled in jungle vines.
Hurricane Matthew- Caught With Our Pants Down Part 2
   We're anchored on the north shore of the river in about ten feet. It feels so nice to be anchored, even though a killer hurricane is headed our way. It's been two years since we've been off that f#@%ing pier.
Hurricane Matthew -- Caught With Our Pants Down! Part 1
I was strolling down the pier when I ran into my friend Brian.  “Did you see what the hurricane is doing?!” I asked. I was hoping to get a reaction
Some Assembly Required
It turns out we were a little bit naïve. Eleven years ago Kim and I were swept over by a bold vision. We were tired and bored to death with trying to hustle some kind of existence out of the padded walls of a “cubicle,” so we decided to sell all our belongings, fix up an old sailboat and travel to exotic locations.
Somewhere in Paradise
It is 7:00am and we are both still laying in bed listening to the waves crashing on the reef in front of us. We have been out exploring with our snorkels, spearing fish and combing the beaches for treasures for five days now at this beautiful anchorage and on top of the usual boat chores, it has been a lot of exercise.

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