We started a webpage in 2005 for family and friends and it's traffic has grown into more than we ever dreamed it would. We are now creating videos on our YouTube channel to share our adventures with you. Along the way people have bought us drinks or dinner as a thank you for sharing our stories and others have asked how they can contribute. We now have two easy ways to show us that you appreciate our efforts and give us a pat on the back. As always our blogs and videos are free, but if you would like to give us a few bucks to help keep the creative juices flowing, we'd definitely appreciate it.



By becoming a supporter on Patreon you help us with our production budget. Everything we do comes out of our own pocket. We don't have sponsors and production is very time intensive and it can be costly to update our gear, purchase internet and hard drives. As a patron you help with these costs and in return get exclusive access to our Patreon only feed as well as other rewards depending on the pledge amount.


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Kim, Scott and Allie the cat